Beautiful Ukrainian Bride Nadezhda from Poltava, Ukraine

Beautiful Ukrainian Bride from Poltava, Ukraine

I like to consider myself as a very lucky person and I think that it is so because I am never desperate and I am always able to see the good things even in something really bad: This ability also helps me to go through this life, not matter what.

I am a very communicative, ambitious and happy person. At the same time, I can say that I am very romantic, dreaming, caring and tender. My friends say that I am a very understanding person and it is easy to get along with me. I always do my best to offer support in a hard situation and to help as much as I can. As everybody, I have some faults and some of them are that I am sometimes unpunctual and stubborn. But I think that no one is perfect and I try to get rid of these qualities and to reach perfection.

I really love life and everything it offers us. I like to go to a cinema, to read and to learn something interesting all the time.

I think that it is very hard to find our second half but I truly believe that it is possible. I am not a very demanding person and all I want from my beloved life partner is care and attention. I want him to be brave, caring, tender, joyfull, communicative and sensitive. I would like him to be strong as a stone wall and at the same time, I expect him to be tender with me. I would like him to be not only my lover but my friend as well!

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