Pretty Ukrainian Woman – Yuliya from Vinnitsa, Ukraine

¬† People say that I am clever and intelligent – and I will believe what they say ūüôā I try to follow the fashion and to keep my body in a good form by doing exercise regularly. I think I am an interesting person to be with. I like to spend my free time with my friends or relatives. So, my life is impossible without communication.

   I go in for shaping regularly because I think that each woman must be in a good form and fit. I also like to dance- I believe the movement is our life. Also I like reading famous Russian and foreign authors.

Belas Mulheres Russas

  I am sure that happy relations are impossible without intelligence, respect, love and sharing interests. So, I am looking for these features in my future friend, husband, lover. I would like him  also to be kind and clever man who will love life as much as I love it.  

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Beautiful Russian Woman – Irina from Simferopol, Ukraine

My friends say that I am a very social and communicative person. I usually make friends very easily (no matter whether they are kids or grown-ups), and getting to know new people for me is always a very interesting thing to do because the more we learn – the more we understand and the more experience we gain about life in general! My family consists of 8 people –¬†besides, I have a twin sister. I think that`s why I learnt how to take care of those who are close to me, how to be understanding, how to deal with difficulties, and just learnt the way it feels to be alive and part of the society¬†– to be the part of the family where you know you can rely on somebody, and be reliable to others just as well. But I must admit that it is a great fun too and I enjoy it a lot¬†ūüôā I guess I¬†am a tolerant lady ūüôā You can hardly see me upset or even angry, I keep smiling all the time, and can literally `charge the mood` of anyone with my positive thinking :))) Feel like you are getting under my spell?:))) That won`t hurt, I promise:)

Vakker Russisk Kvinne

My hobbies¬†and interests? There are so many of them! Of course, I am not an Opera Diva, but I believe that it is never too late to try! Why not? Life is too short! I adore dancing, but nothing “too complicated” as for the music. I travel a lot, because it is so interesting to discover new emotions, new people, new cultures! I think I have been traveling and going camping since I was a child and was a scout. But surely doing it with someone special can make it even more special. But I am not a crazy one who can spend all of my life just going from one country to another. The feeling of being at home, enjoying a good meal, spending time with close people are also very important to me. Speaking of good meals, cooking and baking is one of my talents, and I say it without too much of a pride, because living in a family of 8 –¬†one has no way out. I went in for many kinds of sports from judo when I was a kid to trying hang-gliding. So, to conclude it all: I am the one who will never be bored and whom one will never be bored with!

I am 27 and wish to meet a man who is between 27 and 40. My Man sounds very good! I think I will simply understand that he is my man. It is not about the country or the age, because those things are not personal characteristics to me, and they do not tell me much about a man and his personality. I think a man has to be wiser than a woman. How do I see him now? He is smart, funny, humorous, loyal –¬†and of course he has a strong personality –¬†because we are women and we need to feel the strong shoulder by us. At least when needed. But I am looking not for the one who would make me feel strong only, but the one who would let me feel weak, meaning that I am a fragile woman as well. The one with whom I would have fun and be serious, go through all the bad and good moments of life hand in hand, in harmony. The one with whom I would simply feel comfortable while keeping silence and greeting the rising sun, or speaking about everything. The one whom I can be friends with and who would also see a sensual woman and a mother in me. The one who will be the One for Me!

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