Pretty Ukrainian Woman – Yuliya from Vinnitsa, Ukraine

¬† People say that I am clever and intelligent – and I will believe what they say ūüôā I try to follow the fashion and to keep my body in a good form by doing exercise regularly. I think I am an interesting person to be with. I like to spend my free time with my friends or relatives. So, my life is impossible without communication.

   I go in for shaping regularly because I think that each woman must be in a good form and fit. I also like to dance- I believe the movement is our life. Also I like reading famous Russian and foreign authors.

Belas Mulheres Russas

  I am sure that happy relations are impossible without intelligence, respect, love and sharing interests. So, I am looking for these features in my future friend, husband, lover. I would like him  also to be kind and clever man who will love life as much as I love it.  

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Beautiful Russian Girl – Larisa from Sumy, Ukraine

I honestly cannot boast any super qualities, which form an ideal or super being, because I am just a simple and normal¬†woman with her hopes and dreams, tears and sorrows, joys and happiness, disappointments and mistakes. My soul is sensitive and filled with romantism, my mind is reasonable and I am quite a realistic girl, my heart is filled with affection, broken dreams, but also with an ocean of passion and strong desire to find a real love and share it with my beloved. At work I am always attentive, diligent, diplomatic and responsible – I am a serious girl ūüôā¬†With family I am tender, loving, caring, loyal,¬†forgiving and kind – I am a nice girl ūüôā¬†With my friends, I am talkative, helpful, inspiring, joyful, respectful¬†and easy-going. Being a mother, I know that it is very important to always give the best to a child and¬†to not ask anything in return.¬†With my daughter, I enjoy spending time outside, close to the nature, playing different games, which we usually invent spontaneously, holding each other`s hands, eating ice-cream and candies, while¬†jumping and running with huge smiles on our faces. Every day of our lives is filled with different pleasures, surprises and discoveries.

Beautiful Russian Girl

When I have some free time, I enjoy meeting with my family and friends. I like¬†visiting museums, art galleries and various exhibitions. I love discovering new cultures and traditions, especially: I am interested in gathering recipes of different cuisines, because eating habits usually reflect interesting national peculiarities. I am interested in reading about psychology and¬†astrology because it is always interesting to be aware of the world we live in as it is changing so fast. I also like to keep fit and I¬†am also in love with fitness and aerobics, swimming and running, camping, hiking and simply walking in the park watching animals and birds. I am a happy and sunny woman and you can easily feel my warmth and energy just looking at my smile.¬†Looking¬†through the pictures in my profile,¬†maybe you have a good recipe for my heart and we can discuss how to prepare it in the most delicious way…:)

I am a real lady who is looking for a true gentleman in the full meaning of this word. I want him to be gallant, tactful, attentive, faithful and respectful not only to his woman, but also to everyone around him. I usually appreciate people for their attitude to others and my opinion is that if he is angry and rude with people, he can not be tender and delicate to his woman. I want him to be creative and sometimes even childish in his dreams and actions, because we have to remember that relationship can exist for a long time only if it is exciting and interesting. I want him to be real and outspoken, passionate and sincere, always smiling contagiously to the people around him with a good sense of humour which will turn our grey days into sunny ones. I wish he loves children, nature and music. He can be lazy from time to time and I want to surprise him with my extreme care and attention. I really do not think that we have to be alike in everything, because I am interested in discovering his own world and vice-versa. But I really want him to be curious about life, discovering something new and sharing his knowledge with me!

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